Synthesis and properties of defined DNA oligomers containing base mispairs involving 2-aminopurine.


DNA heptamers containing the mutagenic base analogue 2-aminopurine ...
DNA heptamers containing the mutagenic base analogue 2-aminopurine (AP) have been chemically synthesized and physically characterized. We report on the relative stabilities of base pairs between AP and each of the common DNA bases, as determined from heptamer duplex melts at 275 and 330 nm. Base pairs are ranked in order of decreasing stability: AP.T greater than AP.A greater than AP.C greater than AP.G. It is of interest that AP.A is more stable than AP.C even though DNA polymerase strongly favors the formation of AP.C over AP.A base pairs. Comparisons of melting profiles at 330 nm and 275 nm indicate that AP.T, AP.A, and AP.C base pairs are annealed in heptamer duplexes and melt 2-3 degrees prior to surrounding base pairs, whereas AP.G appears not to be annealed.




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