Plastid DNA polymerases from higher plants, Arabidopsis thaliana.


Previously, we described a novel DNA polymerase, designated as ...
Previously, we described a novel DNA polymerase, designated as OsPolI-like, from rice. The OsPolI-like showed a high degree of sequence homology with the DNA polymerase I of cyanobacteria and was localized in the plastid. Here, we describe two PolI-like polymerases, designated as AtPolI-like A and AtPolI-like B, from Arabidopsis thaliana. In situ hybridization analysis demonstrated expression of both mRNAs in proliferating tissues such as the shoot apical meristem. Analysis of the localizations of GFP fusion proteins showed that AtPolI-like A and AtPolI-like B were localized to plastids. AtPolI-like B expression could be induced by exposure to the mutagen H(2)O(2). These results suggested that AtPolI-like B has a role in the repair of oxidation-induced DNA damage. Our data indicate that higher plants possess two plastid DNA polymerases that are not found in animals and yeasts.




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