[3'-->5'-exonucleases of the rat liver and the correction of replication errors].


Mammalian nuclear DNA polymerases alpha and beta are lack of the ...
Mammalian nuclear DNA polymerases alpha and beta are lack of the proofreading 3'-->5' exonucleolytic activity. 40 and 50 kDa 3'-->5' exonucleases were isolated from rat liver. The exonucleases were shown to excise mismatched nucleotides from poly[d(A--T)] template 10 and 2 fold faster than matched ones. The addition of either exonuclease to DNA polymerase alpha from rat liver or calf thymus 5-10 times increased the accuracy of reproduction of primed DNA from bacteriophage phi X174 amber 3, values of exonuclease and DNA polymerase activities being approximately equal. The exonuclease activity surpasses the DNA polymerase one by an order of magnitude in chromatin and nuclear membrane. These data, taken together, are indicative of potent proofreading into hepatocytes.




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