Genomic analyses of recombinant adenovirus type 11a in China.


Whole-genome sequencing of human adenovirus type 11 (HAdV-11) strain ...
Whole-genome sequencing of human adenovirus type 11 (HAdV-11) strain QS, isolated in China, was conducted, and its sequence was compared with the sequences of strains within the species of HAdVs. The HAdV-11 QS genome contains 34,755 nucleotides. Similar to the other HAdV subgenus B sequences, the HAdV-11 QS genome coded 37 functional proteins and could be divided into four early, two intermediate, and five late transcription regions. The amino acid sequences of the fiber and the hypervariable regions (HVRs) within the hexon gene of HAdV-11 QS were identical to the corresponding sequences of the HAdV-11a strain; further analyses that compared those amino acid sequences with the amino acid sequences of the HAdV species subgenus B:2 strains revealed that the highest degree of homology (>99.2%) existed between HAdV-11 QS and the prototypical HAdV-14 strain, except for a few coding sequences of HVRs within the hexon gene, DNA polymerase, pVI, and pre-terminal protein. This indicate that HAdV-11 strain QS, isolated in China, is a recombinant adenovirus of HAdV-14, and the recombination analyses also confirmed this finding. It is difficult to clarify the time and manner of the recombination, and further investigations are required to determine whether the emergence of recombination between HAdV-11a and HAdV-14 might increase virulence, thereby posing a new global challenge with regard to acute respiratory diseases in the near future.




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