Ubiquitylation of DNA polymerase λ.


DNA polymerase (pol) λ, one of the 15 cellular pols, belongs to the X ...
DNA polymerase (pol) λ, one of the 15 cellular pols, belongs to the X family. It is a small 575 amino-acid protein containing a polymerase, a dRP-lyase, a proline/serine rich and a BRCT domain. Pol λ shows various enzymatic activities including DNA polymerization, terminal transferase and dRP-lyase. It has been implicated to play a role in several DNA repair pathways, particularly base excision repair (BER), non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) and translesion DNA synthesis (TLS). Similarly to other DNA repair enzymes, pol λ undergoes posttranslational modifications during the cell cycle that regulate its stability and possibly its subcellular localization. Here we describe our knowledge about ubiquitylation of pol λ and the impact of this modification on its regulation.




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