Cyclopropavir Susceptibility of Cytomegalovirus DNA Polymerase Mutants Selected after Antiviral Drug Exposure.


Human cytomegalovirus UL54 DNA polymerase (pol) mutants with known ...
Human cytomegalovirus UL54 DNA polymerase (pol) mutants with known patterns of resistance to current antivirals ganciclovir (GCV), foscarnet (FOS) and cidofovir (CDV) were tested for cyclopropavir (CPV) susceptibility by a standardized reporter-based yield reduction assay. Exonuclease and A987G (region V) mutations at codons commonly associated with dual GCV-CDV resistance in clinical isolates paradoxically conferred increased CPV susceptibility. Various polymerase catalytic region mutations conferring FOS resistance with variable low-grade GCV and CDV cross-resistance also conferred CPV resistance with EC50 increases of 3- to 13-fold. CPV EC50 values against several pol mutants were increased about 2-fold by adding UL97 mutation C592G. Propagation of a CMV exonuclease mutant under CPV selected for pol mutations less often than UL97 mutations. In 21 experiments, one instance each was detected of mutations E756D and M844V, which were shown individually to confer 3- to 4-fold increases in CPV EC50. Unlike GCV and CDV, exonuclease mutations are not a preferred mechanism of CPV resistance, but mutations in and near pol region III may confer CPV resistance by affecting its recognition as an incoming base for DNA polymerization.



Mutational Analysis, Health/Disease


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