From Human cytomegalovirus (aliases:HSV-5, HCMV, HSV5, HFLF2, UL54, human cytomegalovirus DNA polymerase)
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HHV5 is a family B enzyme from Human cytomegalovirus.

Selected Properties for HHV5:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
no data no data no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2013 Serena Massari, Beatrice Mercorelli, Luca Sancineto, Stefano Sabatini, Violetta Cecchetti, Giorgio Gribaudo, Giorgio Palù, Christophe Pannecouque, Arianna Loregian, Oriana Tabarrini Massari S2013
2013 Sébastien Hantz, Sébastien Cotin, Eva Borst, Anthony Couvreux, Arielle Salmier, Isabelle Garrigue, Pierre Merville, Catherine Mengelle, Michel Attal, Martin Messerle, Sophie Alain Hantz S2013
2012 Blair L Strang, Steeve Boulant, Tomas Kirchhausen, Donald M Coen Strang BL2012
2012 Blair L Strang, Brian J Bender, Mayuri Sharma, Jean M Pesola, Rebecca L Sanders, Deborah H Spector, Donald M Coen Strang BL2012
2011 Laurie A Silva, Blair L Strang, Eric W Lin, Jeremy P Kamil, Donald M Coen Silva LA2011
2011 Sunwen Chou Chou S2011
2011 Karl E Zahn, Egor P Tchesnokov, Matthias Götte, Sylvie Doublié Zahn KE2011
2011 Sunwen Chou, Gail Marousek, T L Bowlin Chou S2011
2010 Blair L Strang, Steeve Boulant, Donald M Coen Strang BL2010
2010 Laurie A Silva, Arianna Loregian, Gregory S Pari, Blair L Strang, Donald M Coen Silva LA2010
2009 Gualtiero Alvisi, Daniela Martino Roth, Daria Camozzi, Gregory S Pari, Arianna Loregian, Alessandro Ripalti, David A Jans Alvisi G2009
2009 Blair L Strang, Elisa Sinigalia, Laurie A Silva, Donald M Coen, Arianna Loregian Strang BL2009
2008 Gloria Komazin-Meredith, Robert J Petrella, Webster L Santos, David J Filman, James M Hogle, Gregory L Verdine, Martin Karplus, Donald M Coen Komazin-Meredith G2008
2008 Elisa Sinigalia, Gualtiero Alvisi, Beatrice Mercorelli, Donald M Coen, Gregory S Pari, David A Jans, Alessandro Ripalti, Giorgio Palù, Arianna Loregian Sinigalia E2008
2008 Ran Tao, Miaofeng Hu, Qunjun Duan, Shiqiang Shang Tao R2008
2007 Scott D Larsen, Zhijun Zhang, Brian A DiPaolo, Peter R Manninen, Douglas C Rohrer, Michael J Hageman, Todd A Hopkins, Mary L Knechtel, Nancee L Oien, Bob D Rush, Francis J Schwende, Kevin J Stefanski, Janet L Wieber, Karen F Wilkinson, Kathyrn M Zamora, Michael W Wathen, Roger J Brideau Larsen SD2007
2007 Frédéric Picard-Jean, Isabelle Bougie, Martin Bisaillon Picard-Jean F2007
2007 Arianna Loregian, Elisa Sinigalia, Beatrice Mercorelli, Giorgio Palù, Donald M Coen Loregian A2007
2006 Brent A Appleton, Justin Brooks, Arianna Loregian, David J Filman, Donald M Coen, James M Hogle Appleton BA2006
2006 Egor P Tchesnokov, Christian Gilbert, Guy Boivin, Matthias Götte Tchesnokov EP2006
2006 Gualtiero Alvisi, Alessandro Ripalti, Apollinaire Ngankeu, Maila Giannandrea, Stefano G Caraffi, Manisha M Dias, David A Jans Alvisi G2006
2005 Alexandra Ducancelle, Sophie Alain, C Scieux, A-M Fillet, Françoise Petit, M-J Sanson-Le Pors, M-C Mazeron Ducancelle A2005
2004 Arianna Loregian, Brent A Appleton, James M Hogle, Donald M Coen Loregian A2004
2004 Brent A Appleton, Arianna Loregian, David J Filman, Donald M Coen, James M Hogle Appleton BA2004
2004 Arianna Loregian, Brent A Appleton, James M Hogle, Donald M Coen Loregian A2004
2003 Arianna Loregian, Roberto Rigatti, Mary C Murphy, Elisabetta Schievano, Giorgio Palù, Howard S Marsden Loregian A2003
2000 V A Vaillancourt, M M Cudahy, S A Staley, Roger J Brideau, S J Conrad, Mary L Knechtel, Nancee L Oien, Janet L Wieber, Y Yagi, Michael W Wathen Vaillancourt VA2000
2000 M Kariya, S Mori, Y Eizuru Kariya M2000
1999 Sunwen Chou, Nell S Lurain, Adriana Weinberg, G Y Cai, P L Sharma, C S Crumpacker Chou S1999
1997 Xiwen Xiong, J L Smith, M S Chen Xiong X1997
1997 T Cihlar, M D Fuller, J M Cherrington Cihlar T1997
1996 J A Kerry, M A Priddy, T Y Jervey, C P Kohler, T L Staley, C D Vanson, T R Jones, A C Iskenderian, D G Anders, R M Stenberg Kerry JA1996
1996 Xiwen Xiong, J L Smith, C Kim, E S Huang, M S Chen Xiong X1996
1996 A Marcello, G Pisoni, S Pizzighella, Giorgio Palù Marcello A1996
1993 V Sullivan, K K Biron, C Talarico, S C Stanat, M Davis, L M Pozzi, Donald M Coen Sullivan V1993
1993 M P Landini, T Lazzarotto, P F Ertl Landini MP1993
1992 P F Ertl, K L Powell Ertl PF1992
1991 P F Ertl, M S Thomas, K L Powell Ertl PF1991
1985 E Gönczöl, S A Plotkin Gönczöl E1985
1979 K Yamanishi, F Rapp Yamanishi K1979
Protein sequence:
DNA sequence:
Name 3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
HHV5 N408S
HHV5 E756D
HHV5 M844V
HHV5 A987G
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