The human immunodeficiency virus-1 genotype diversity and drug resistance mutations profile of volunteer blood donors from Chinese blood centers.


BACKGROUND: The global human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 epidemic ...
BACKGROUND: The global human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 epidemic is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. Molecular epidemiologic characteristics were studied for HIV-1-infected blood donors from five Chinese regions to determine genotype diversity and drug resistance mutations (DRMs) profile. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: HIV-1 confirmed-reactive serum samples were collected from 172 blood donors from five blood centers during 2007 to 2010. HIV-1 Pol including whole protease and partial reverse transcriptase genes was amplified, sequenced, and analyzed for the subtype determination and drug resistance profile description. RESULT: A total of 113 amplified sequences including 82 from Kunming blood center and 31 from four other blood centers had the following genotype characteristics: G (0.9%), B (2.7%), circulating recombinant form (CRF) 01_AE (32.7%), CRF07_BC (22.1%), and CRF08_BC (41.6%). Female donors represent 45.1% of all cases and 63.9% cases with DRMs. The prevalence of samples with potential low or higher resistance among Chinese blood donors is 4.4%. CONCLUSION: HIV-1 infection in Chinese blood donors is genetically diverse and the subtype distribution reflects that from the high-risk populations. Our results support continuous molecular epidemiologic surveillance for HIV-1 in blood donors as a part of a comprehensive HIV control program.




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