Dynamic protein interactions in the bacteriophage T4 replisome.


The bacteriophage T4 DNA replisome is a complex dynamic system ...
The bacteriophage T4 DNA replisome is a complex dynamic system employing a variety of proteins to orchestrate the synthesis of DNA on both the leading and lagging strands. Assembly of the protein complexes responsible for DNA synthesis and priming requires the coordination of transient biomolecular interactions. This interplay of proteins has been dissected through the use of small molecules including fluorescent probes and crosslinkers, enabling the development of a complex dynamic structural and kinetic model for DNA polymerase holoenzyme assembly and primosome formation.




Structure and Structure/Function, Accessory Proteins/Complexes

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Crosslinking, florescence and x-rays of the protein strucutre of the replisome has allowed researchers to determine structure and kinetic data.


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