Glycosylation inhibitors block the expression of LAV/HTLV-III (HIV) glycoproteins.


The glycosylation inhibitors 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-dGlc) and, to a ...
The glycosylation inhibitors 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-dGlc) and, to a lesser extent, beta-hydroxynorvaline blocked the formation of syncytia in HIV (LAV/HTLV-III)-infected cells. Using monospecific polyclonal antibodies against recombinant envelope proteins gp110 and gp41 or monoclonal antibodies against env gp110, we could demonstrate a marked reduction in the immunoreactivity of these antigens in HIV-infected cells exposed to the glycosylation inhibitors. There was concomitant accumulation of core proteins p15 and p24, as shown by a solid phase radio-immunoassay, and a decreased oligosaccharide synthesis of env proteins, as monitored by the incorporation of [6-3H]GlcNAc. The reverse transcriptase was not affected by the compounds. Glycosylation inhibitors may be considered for the chemotherapy of AIDS or AIDS-related complex, or chemoprophylaxis of HIV-positive individuals.




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