Biologic activities of poly (2-azaadenylic acid) and poly (2-azainosinic acid).


Poly (2-azaadenylic acid) [(aza2A)n] and poly(2-azainosinic acid ...
Poly (2-azaadenylic acid) [(aza2A)n] and poly(2-azainosinic acid [(aza2I)n], two newly synthesized analogues of (A)n and (I)n, in which CH-2 of the purine ring is replaced by a nitrogen atom, have been evaluated in various biological assay systems. (Aza2A) n formed a complex with (U)n and (br5U)n, and (aza2I)n formed a complex with (C)n and (br5C)n, but these complexes were markedly destabilized relative to the corresponding (A)n or (I)n complexes. The (aza2A)n-and (aza2I)n-derived complexes failed to stimulate the production of interferon in primary rabbit kidney cells and human diploid fibroblasts, under conditions (A)n. (U)n, (I)n. (C)n and (I)n. (br5C)n induced high amounts of interferon. both (aza2A)n and (aza2I)n exerted a marked inhibitory effect on the endogenous RNA directed DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase) activity associated with murine leukemia virus. They caused a relatively mild inhibition of complement activity in an hemolytic assay system.




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