Specific inhibition of DNA polymerase-associated RNase H by DNA.


The RNase H activity associated with several RNA-directed DNA ...
The RNase H activity associated with several RNA-directed DNA polymerases is inhibited by the addition of DNA, in contrast to RNase H activity from enzymes devoid of polymerizing activity. Kinetic investigations of the inhibitory effect of DNA, using purified Rauscher leukemia virus DNA polymerase as a test enzyme, revealed that the addition of DNA to an ongoing RNase H reaction causes an immediate cessation of RNase H activity. Concomitant initiation of DNA synthesis by inhibitory DNA can occur, provided that appropriate substrate and primer is available. Thus, in addition to providing a simple test for the distinction between polymerase-associated and polymerase-independent RNase H activity, this study strongly supports the concepts that (i) RNase H activity expressed by several mammalian oncoviral reverse transcriptases is an integral part of that molecule, and (ii) that the catalytic site of RNase H activity is also involuved in template-primer binding.




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