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Title Authors Year Journal
The efficiency and fidelity of 8-oxo-guanine bypass by DNA polymerases delta and eta. McCulloch SD 2009 Nucleic acids research
The fidelity of DNA synthesis by eukaryotic replicative and translesion synthesis polymerases. McCulloch SD 2008 Cell research
Replication of 2-hydroxyadenine-containing DNA and recognition by human MutSalpha. McCulloch SD 2007 DNA repair
Mutator alleles of yeast DNA polymerase zeta. McCulloch SD 2007 DNA repair
Effects of accessory proteins on the bypass of a cis-syn thymine-thymine dimer by Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA polymerase eta. McCulloch SD 2007 Biochemistry
Measuring the fidelity of translesion DNA synthesis. McCulloch SD 2006 Methods in enzymology
Increased susceptibility to UV-induced skin carcinogenesis in polymerase eta-deficient mice. McCulloch SD 2006 Cancer research
Multiple solutions to inefficient lesion bypass by T7 DNA polymerase. McCulloch SD 2006 DNA repair
Enzymatic switching for efficient and accurate translesion DNA replication. McCulloch SD 2004 Nucleic acids research
Pol iota is a candidate for the mouse pulmonary adenoma resistance 2 locus, a major modifier of chemically induced lung neoplasia. McCulloch SD 2004 Cancer research
Efficiency, fidelity and enzymatic switching during translesion DNA synthesis. McCulloch SD 2004 Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)
Preferential cis-syn thymine dimer bypass by DNA polymerase eta occurs with biased fidelity. McCulloch SD 2004 Nature
The efficiency and specificity of apurinic/apyrimidinic site bypass by human DNA polymerase eta and Sulfolobus solfataricus Dpo4. McCulloch SD 2003 The Journal of biological chemistry
Amino acid substitutions at conserved tyrosine 52 alter fidelity and bypass efficiency of human DNA polymerase eta. McCulloch SD 2003 The Journal of biological chemistry

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