Pol iota is a candidate for the mouse pulmonary adenoma resistance 2 locus, a major modifier of chemically induced lung neoplasia.


In this study, we performed systematic candidate gene analyses of the ...
In this study, we performed systematic candidate gene analyses of the Pulmonary adenoma resistance 2 locus. Differential gene expression in lung tissues and nucleotide polymorphisms in coding regions between A/J and BALB/cJ mice were examined using reverse transcription-PCR and direct sequencing. Although not all genes in the interval were analyzed at this moment due to the recent database updating, we have found that the Pol iota gene, encoding the DNA polymerase iota, contains 25 nucleotide polymorphisms in its coding region between A/J and BALB/cJ mice, resulting in a total of ten amino acid changes. Primer extension assays with purified BALB/cJ and A/J proteins in vitro demonstrate that both forms of Pol iota are active but that they may differ in substrate discrimination, which may affect the formation of Kras2 mutations in mouse lung tumors. Altered expression of POL iota protein and an amino acid-changing nucleotide polymorphism were observed in human lung cancer cells, suggesting a possible role in the development of lung cancer. Thus, our data support the Pol iota gene as a modifier of lung tumorigenesis by altering DNA polymerase activity.




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