EMBO reports

(EMBO Rep) ISSNs: , 1469-3178

References in EMBO reports:

Title Authors Year
A new proofreading mechanism for lesion bypass by DNA polymerase-λ Crespan E, Maga G, Hübscher U 2011
The beta clamp targets DNA polymerase IV to DNA and strongly increases its processivity. Wagner JE, Fujii S, Grúz P, Nohmi T, Fuchs RP 2000
Breaking the rules: bacteria that use several DNA polymerase IIIs. McHenry CS 2011
Erroneous incorporation of oxidized DNA precursors by Y-family DNA polymerases. Shimizu M, Gruz P, Kamiya H, Kim SR, Pisani FM, Masutani C, Kanke Y, Harashima H, Hanaoka F, Nohmi T 2003
Multiple roles for kinases in DNA replication. Henneke G, Koundrioukoff S, Hübscher U 2003

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