Human Pol zeta

From H. sapiens (aliases:Rev3) (genes: REV3L)
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Human Pol zeta is a family B enzyme from H. sapiens.

Selected Properties for Human Pol zeta:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
no data no data no data no data 5.0e-04 errors/bp (1)
Year Authors Title Results by property
S Sharma, CM Helchowski, CE Canman Sharma S
2013 Ting-Yan Shi, Li Yang, Gong Yang, Xiao-Yu Tu, Xiaohua Wu, Xi Cheng, Qingyi Wei Shi TY2013
2012 Jundong Zhou, Shuyu Zhang, Ling Xie, Pengfei Liu, Fang Xie, Jinchang Wu, Jianping Cao, Wei-Qun Ding Zhou J2012
2012 Sotaro Kikuchi, Kodai Hara, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Mamoru Sato, Hiroshi Hashimoto Kikuchi S2012
2012 S Sharma, Nicholas A Shah, Ariell M Joiner, Katelyn H Roberts, CE Canman Sharma S2012
2011 S Sharma, JK Hicks, CL Chute, JR Brennan, JY Ahn, TW Glover, CE Canman Sharma S2011
2010 Jung-Hoon Yoon, G Bhatia, Satya Prakash, Louise Prakash Yoon JH2010
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2010 TheVinh Ho, OrlandoD Schärer Ho TheVinh2010
2010 AbelCS Chun, Dong-Yan Jin Chun AbelCS2010
2009 Kazuya Satou, Mika Hori, Kazuaki Kawai, Hiroshi Kasai, Hideyoshi Harashima, Hiroyuki Kamiya Satou Kazuya2009
2009 Cai-hua Xi, Jin Hu, Hui-bo Wang, Shu-yu Zhang, Da-lu Ru Xi Cai-hua2009
2009 Kei-ichi Takata, RichardD Wood Takata Kei-ichi2009
2009 Sigal Shachar, Omer Ziv, Sharon Avkin, Sheera Adar, John P Wittschieben, Thomas Reissner, Stephen Chaney, Errol C Friedberg, Zhengqiang Wang, Thomas Carell, Nicholas E Geacintov, Zvi Livneh Shachar S2009
2009 Lauren S Waters, Brenda K Minesinger, Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Sanjay D'Souza, Rachel V Woodruff, Graham C Walker Waters LS2009
2008 J-M Brondello, Marie-Jeanne Pillaire, C Rodriguez, P-A Gourraud, Janick Selves, Christophe Cazaux, J Piette Brondello J-M2008
2008 Quentin Gueranger, Anne Stary, Saïd Aoufouchi, Ahmad Faili, Alain Sarasin, Claude-Agnès Reynaud, Jean-Claude Weill Gueranger Quentin2008
2008 GregoryN Gan, JohnP Wittschieben, BirgitteØ Wittschieben, RichardD Wood Gan GregoryN2008
2007 PriscillaH Fernandes, RStephen Lloyd Fernandes PriscillaH2007
2006 Deepak T Nair, Robert E Johnson, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash, Aneel K Aggarwal Nair DT2006
2002 M Todd Washington, Robert E Johnson, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash Washington MT2002
2001 Patricia J Gearhart, Richard D Wood Gearhart PJ2001 Associated condition,Overall Error Rate,All properties
2001 Marilyn Diaz, M F Flajnik, N Klinman Diaz M2001
2001 H Zan, A Komori, Zhongjie Li, A Cerutti, A Schaffer, M F Flajnik, Marilyn Diaz, P Casali Zan H2001
2001 Christopher W Lawrence, Veronica M Maher Lawrence CW2001
2001 Christopher W Lawrence, Veronica M Maher Lawrence CW2001
2000 James E Cleaver Cleaver JE2000
2000 Robert E Johnson, M Todd Washington, Lajos Haracska, Satya Prakash, Louise Prakash Johnson RE2000
2000 John P Wittschieben, M K Shivji, E Lalani, M A Jacobs, Federica Marini, Patricia J Gearhart, I Rosewell, G Stamp, Richard D Wood Wittschieben JP2000
1999 W Lin, Xiaoming Wu, Zhengqiang Wang Lin W1999
1998 Peter E M Gibbs, William Glenn McGregor, Veronica M Maher, P Nisson, Christopher W Lawrence Gibbs PE1998
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