H. sapiens

Homo sapiens, human
at NCBI at Uniprot


Polymerase Family Reference count Mutant count
Human Pol delta B 111 0
Human Pol beta X 204 18
hTERT RT 13 4
Human Pol gamma A 62 175
Human Pol kappa Y 61 2
Human Pol mu X 25 0
Human Pol nu A 7 0
Human Pol epsilon B 51 0
Human Pol zeta B 31 0
Human Pol alpha B 171 2
Human Pol theta A 10 0
Human Pol lamba X 59 1
Human REV1 Non Pol 10 0
Human Pol eta Y 129 6
Human Pol iota Y 67 0
hMcm10 Non Pol 2 0

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