HeLa DNA polymerase alpha activity in vitro: specific stimulation by a non-enzymic protein factor.


A non-enzymic protein factor that increases the in vitro rate of ...
A non-enzymic protein factor that increases the in vitro rate of synthesis by HeLa DNA polymerase alpha 15- to 30-fold with denatured DNA as template has been partially purified from the cytoplasmic fraction of HeLa cells. The stimulatory effect is highly specific for HeLa DNA polymerase alpha and for DNA templates that contain extensive regions of single-strandedness. Synthesis with denatured DNA as template presumably proceeds from 3'-hydroxyl termini formed at loop-back regions since the synthesized DNA product and template are covalently linked. The stimulatory protein factor chromatographs as a basic protein, has an approximate molecular weight of 30,000 daltons and binds with moderate affinity to denatured DNA cellulose, being eluted by o.4M NaCl. The purified factor lacks detectable DNA polymerase, exo- and endodeoxyribonuclease and RNA polymerase activities. It also does not promote helix-coil transitions with poly[d(A-T)] and Clostridium perfringens DNA.



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