Identification and cloning of two histone fold motif-containing subunits of HeLa DNA polymerase epsilon.


HeLa DNA polymerase epsilon (pol epsilon), possibly involved in both ...
HeLa DNA polymerase epsilon (pol epsilon), possibly involved in both DNA replication and DNA repair, was previously isolated as a complex of a 261-kDa catalytic subunit and a tightly bound 59-kDa accessory protein. Saccharomyces cerevisiae pol epsilon, however, consists of four subunits: a 256-kDa catalytic subunit with 39% identity to HeLa pol epsilon p261, a 80-kDa subunit (DPB2) with 26% identity to HeLa pol epsilon p59, a 23-kDa subunit (DPB3), and a 22-kDa subunit (DPB4). We report here the identification and the cloning of two additional subunits of HeLa pol epsilon, p17, and p12. Both proteins contain histone fold motifs which are present also in S. cerevisiae DPB4 and DPB3. The histone fold motifs of p17 and DPB4 are related to that of subunit A of the CCAAT binding factor, whereas the histone fold motifs found in p12 and DPB3 are homologous to that in subunit C of CCAAT binding factor. p17 together with p12, but not p17 or p12 alone, interact with both p261 and p59 subunits of HeLa pol epsilon. The genes for p17 and p12 can be assigned to chromosome locations 9q33 and 2p12, respectively.




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