Interaction between the DNA polymerase and single-stranded DNA-binding protein (infected cell protein 8) of herpes simplex virus 1.


The herpes virus-encoded DNA replication protein, infected cell ...
The herpes virus-encoded DNA replication protein, infected cell protein 8 (ICP8), binds specifically to single-stranded DNA with a stoichiometry of one ICP8 molecule/12 nucleotides. In the absence of single-stranded DNA, it assembles into long filamentous structures. Binding of ICP8 inhibits DNA synthesis by the herpes-induced DNA polymerase on singly primed single-stranded DNA circles. In contrast, ICP8 greatly stimulates replication of circular duplex DNA by the polymerase. Stimulation occurs only in the presence of a nuclear extract from herpes-infected cells. Appearance of the stimulatory activity in nuclear extracts coincides closely with the time of appearance of herpes-induced DNA replication proteins including ICP8 and DNA polymerase. A viral factor(s) may therefore be required to mediate ICP8 function in DNA replication.




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