On the fidelity of DNA polymerase alpha: the influence of alpha-thio dNTPs, Mn2+ and mismatch repair.


The phi X174am16 revertant system has been used to investigate the ...
The phi X174am16 revertant system has been used to investigate the influence of alpha-thio-dNTPs and of Mn2+ on the fidelity of the 9S DNA polymerase alpha from calf thymus. Upon substituting dGTP by alpha-thio-dGTP during the in vitro replication, a nearly tenfold decrease in the frequency of G:G and G:T mispairs is observed. The formation of all other mispairs is not changed in the presence of the corresponding alpha-thio-dNTP. Mn2+ at concentrations of 0.5 mM does not influence the frequencies of the mispairs. The expression rate of errors formed during in vitro replication in the (-) strand has been determined for all mispairs detectable in the phi Xam16 system. The (-) strand expression of G:T, T:T and C:T mismatches is about 50%, whereas for A:G, G:G and C:A mismatches it is clearly below 50%. We conclude that the different base-base mismatches are repaired with different efficiencies.




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