Transcription in vitro of phi29 DNA and EcoRI fragments by Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase.


EcoRI fragments A, B and C produced from linear phi29 DNA, but not D ...
EcoRI fragments A, B and C produced from linear phi29 DNA, but not D or E fragments, are transcribed by purified Bacillus subtilis RNA polymerase. The transcription of fragments A and C is initiated preferentially with GTP and to a lesser extent with ATP; the reverse happens in the case of fragment B. The dinucleotides GpU and GpA respectively, compete specifically with the incorporation of [gamma-32P]GTP directed by fragments A and C. The RNA synthesized in vitro by purified B. subtilis RNA polymerase is highly asymmetric. Most of the RNA synthesis directed by fragments A and C is early RNA. However, most of the RNA produced by fragment B is anti-late-RNA. Addition of crude extracts inhibit the transcription of fragment B but not that of fragments A and C.




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