Initiation of phage phi 29 DNA replication by mutants with deletions at the amino end of the terminal protein.

Zaballos A, Mellado RP, Salas M
Gene (1988), Volume 63, Page 113
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Series of deletions at the amino end of protein p3, the phage phi 29 ...
Series of deletions at the amino end of protein p3, the phage phi 29 DNA terminal protein (TP), have been constructed and characterized. Measurements of the activity of the deletion mutants in the formation of the protein p3-dAMP initiation complex in vitro indicate the dispensability of the first 13 amino acids (aa) of the protein. The activity of protein p3 decreased considerably when 17 or more aa were deleted. The results on the in vitro phi 29 DNA replication primed by the p3 deletion mutants correlated very well with those obtained in the formation of the TP-dAMP initiation complex.




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