Reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H does not require zinc for catalysis.


omicron-Phenanthroline, a zinc chelating agent, is known to inhibit ...
omicron-Phenanthroline, a zinc chelating agent, is known to inhibit the DNA polymerase activity of cellular DNA-dependent and viral RNA-dependent DNA polymerases. We find that omicron-phenanthroline does not inhibit the reverse transcriptase-associated RNase H activity of retroviruses. Kinetic studies, using DNA template-primers as an inhibitor of RNase H, suggest that zinc does not play any role in template-primer binding by reverse transcriptase. These results also indicate a distinct binding site for the template and triphosphate substrates. Cellular RNase H from calf thymus and RNase H-II from Rauscher leukemia virus are likewise resistant to omicron-phenanthroline inhibition, implying non-involvement of zinc in the nucleic acid hydrolysis by these enzymes.




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