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Title Authors Year Journal
Penicilliols A and B, novel inhibitors specific to mammalian Y-family DNA polymerases. Ohmori H 2009 Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry
Identification of a novel REV1-interacting motif necessary for DNA polymerase kappa function. Ohmori H 2009 Genes Cells
Interaction with DNA polymerase eta is required for nuclear accumulation of REV1 and suppression of spontaneous mutations in human cells. Ohmori H 2009 DNA repair
Structural basis for novel interactions between human translesion synthesis polymerases and proliferating cell nuclear antigen. Ohmori H 2009 The Journal of biological chemistry
Initial crystallographic study of human PCNA in complex with a peptide containing the noncanonical PIP-box sequence of human DNA polymerase iota. Ohmori H 2008 Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun
Rad18 regulates DNA polymerase kappa and is required for recovery from S-phase checkpoint-mediated arrest. Ohmori H 2006 Molecular and cellular biology
DNA polymerase kappa is specifically required for recovery from the benzo[a]pyrene-dihydrodiol epoxide (BPDE)-induced S-phase checkpoint. Ohmori H 2005 The Journal of biological chemistry
Error-prone and inefficient replication across 8-hydroxyguanine (8-oxoguanine) in human and mouse ras gene fragments by DNA polymerase kappa. Ohmori H 2005 Genes Cells
Translesion synthesis past equine estrogen-derived 2'-deoxycytidine DNA adducts by human DNA polymerases eta and kappa. Ohmori H 2004 Biochemistry
Translesion synthesis past estrogen-derived DNA adducts by human DNA polymerases eta and kappa. Ohmori H 2004 Biochemistry
The absence of DNA polymerase kappa does not affect somatic hypermutation of the mouse immunoglobulin heavy chain gene. Ohmori H 2003 Immunol Lett
Sequence context-dependent replication of DNA templates containing UV-induced lesions by human DNA polymerase iota. Ohmori H 2003 DNA repair
Mammalian translesion DNA synthesis across an acrolein-derived deoxyguanosine adduct. Participation of DNA polymerase eta in error-prone synthesis in human cells. Ohmori H 2003 The Journal of biological chemistry
Analysis of translesion replication across an abasic site by DNA polymerase IV of Escherichia coli. Ohmori H 2003 DNA repair
Polkappa protects mammalian cells against the lethal and mutagenic effects of benzo[a]pyrene. Ohmori H 2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Translesion synthesis by human DNA polymerase kappa on a DNA template containing a single stereoisomer of dG-(+)- or dG-(-)-anti-N(2)-BPDE (7,8-dihydroxy-anti-9,10-epoxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo[a]pyrene). Ohmori H 2002 Biochemistry
Translesion replication of benzo[a]pyrene and benzo[c]phenanthrene diol epoxide adducts of deoxyadenosine and deoxyguanosine by human DNA polymerase iota. Ohmori H 2002 Nucleic acids research
Eukaryotic DNA polymerases: proposal for a revised nomenclature. Ohmori H 2001 The Journal of biological chemistry
Mutagenic and nonmutagenic bypass of DNA lesions by Drosophila DNA polymerases dpoleta and dpoliota. Ohmori H 2001 The Journal of biological chemistry
DNA polymerase kappa, implicated in spontaneous and DNA damage-induced mutagenesis, is overexpressed in lung cancer. Ohmori H 2001 Cancer research
Translesional synthesis past acetylaminofluorene-derived DNA adducts catalyzed by human DNA polymerase kappa and Escherichia coli DNA polymerase IV. Ohmori H 2001 Biochemistry
Error-prone bypass of certain DNA lesions by the human DNA polymerase kappa. Ohmori H 2000 Genes Dev
Fidelity and processivity of DNA synthesis by DNA polymerase kappa, the product of the human DINB1 gene. Ohmori H 2000 The Journal of biological chemistry
Mutation enhancement by DINB1, a mammalian homologue of the Escherichia coli mutagenesis protein dinB. Ohmori H 1999 Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms

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