Human Pol mu

From H. sapiens (genes: POLM)
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Human Pol mu is a family X enzyme from H. sapiens.

Selected Properties for Human Pol mu:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
No (3) No (1) no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
S Sharma, CM Helchowski, CE Canman Sharma S
2012 Maria Jose Martin, Maria V Garcia-Ortiz, Veronica Esteban, Luis Blanco Martin MJ2012
2012 Shanen M Sherrer, Laura E Sanman, Cynthia X Xia, Eric R Bolin, Chanchal K Malik, Georgia Efthimiopoulos, Ashis K Basu, Zucai Suo Sherrer SM2012
2012 Yaofeng Zhao, Christian Biertümpfel, Mark T Gregory, Yue-Jin Hua, Fumio Hanaoka, Wei Wen Yang Zhao Y2012
2012 Ajay Ummat, Olga Rechkoblit, Rinku Jain, Jayati Roy Choudhury, Robert E Johnson, Timothy D Silverstein, Angeliki Buku, Samer Lone, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash, Aneel K Aggarwal Ummat A2012
2012 Takuro Matsumoto, Kaori Go, Mariko Hyodo, Kotaro Koiwai, So Maezawa, Takahide Hayano, Masahiro Suzuki, Osamu Koiwai Matsumoto T2012
2010 Romain Chayot, Anne Danckaert, Benjamin Montagne, Miria Ricchetti Chayot R2010
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2010 Jennifer Yamtich, Joann B Sweasy Yamtich J2010 Full length or truncated,Gap fill,Terminal Transferase,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,Molecular Weight,Vmax,Template lesions,All properties
2009 Paula Andrade, María José Martín, Raquel Juárez, Francisco López de Saro, Luis Blanco Andrade P2009
2007 Robert S Pitcher, Nigel C Brissett, Angel J Picher, Paula Andrade, Raquel Juarez, Darren Thompson, Gavin C Fox, Luis Blanco, Aidan J Doherty Pitcher RS2007 Terminal Transferase,All properties
2007 Andrea F Moon, Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Vinod K Batra, William A Beard, Katarzyna Bebenek, Thomas A Kunkel, Samuel H Wilson, Lars C Pedersen Moon AF2007
2007 Eugene F DeRose, Michael W Clarkson, Steven A Gilmore, Cristina J Galban, Ashutosh Tripathy, Jody M Havener, Geoffrey A Mueller, Dale A Ramsden, Robert E London, Andrew L Lee DeRose EF2007
2006 Raquel Juárez, José F Ruiz, Stephanie A Nick McElhinny, Dale A Ramsden, Luis Blanco Juárez R2006
2004 Michelle P Roettger, Kevin A Fiala, Susmitha Sompalli, Yuxia Dong, Zucai Suo Roettger MP2004
2004 Shay Covo, Luis Blanco, Zvi Livneh Covo S2004
2004 José F Ruiz, Daniel Lucas, Esther García-Palomero, Ana I Saez, Manuel A González, Miguel A Piris, Antonio Bernad, Luis Blanco Ruiz JF2004
2003 José F Ruiz, Raquel Juárez, Miguel García-Díaz, Gloria Terrados, Angel J Picher, Sergio González-Barrera, Antonio R Fernández de Henestrosa, Luis Blanco Ruiz JF2003
2003 Stephanie A Nick McElhinny, Dale A Ramsden Nick McElhinny SA2003
2003 Jody M Havener, Stephanie A Nick McElhinny, Ekaterina Bassett, Michele Gauger, Dale A Ramsden, Stephen G Chaney Havener JM2003
2002 Yongqing Zhang, Xiaoming Wu, Dongyu Guo, Olga Rechkoblit, John-Stephen Taylor, Nicholas E Geacintov, Zhengqiang Wang Zhang Y2002
2002 Jean-Baptiste Duvauchelle, Luis Blanco, Robert P P Fuchs, Agnes M Cordonnier Duvauchelle JB2002
2001 Yongqing Zhang, Xiaoming Wu, Fenghua Yuan, Zhongwen Xie, Zhengqiang Wang Zhang Y2001 Cloned or native,Tagged,Tag Name,Full length or truncated,3-5' exo,Molecular Weight,All properties
2001 Patricia J Gearhart, Richard D Wood Gearhart PJ2001 Associated condition,All properties
2000 Orlando Domínguez, José F Ruiz, Teresa Laín de Lera, Miguel García-Díaz, Manuel A González, Tomas Kirchhoff, Carlos Martínez-A, Antonio Bernad, Luis Blanco Domínguez O2000 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Terminal Transferase,3-5' exo,Molecular Weight,All properties
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