Bst LF

From Bacillus stearothermophilus (aliases:Bst (large fragment), bstlf)
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Mutant of: Bst ()

Bst LF is a family A enzyme from Bacillus stearothermophilus.

N-terminal 5'-3' exo- domain removed

Selected Properties for Bst LF:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
No (3) no consensus no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2012 Sarah E Graham, FatimaSultana Syeda, G Andrés Cisneros Computational prediction of residues ...
2011 Eugene Y Wu, Lorena S Beese The structure of a high fidelity DNA ...
2008 Suse Broyde, Liming Wang, Olga Rechkoblit, Nicholas E Geacintov, Dinshaw J Patel Lesion processing: high-fidelity vers...
2004 Gerald W Hsu, Matthias Ober, Thomas Carell, Lorena S Beese Error-prone replication of oxidativel...
2004 Daisuke Shirane, Kohtaroh Sugao, Shigeyuki Namiki, Mao Tanabe, Masamitsu Iino, Kenzo Hirose Enzymatic production of RNAi librarie...
2004 Sean J Johnson, Lorena S Beese Structures of mismatch replication er...
2003 Sean J Johnson, Jeffrey S Taylor, Lorena S Beese Processive DNA synthesis observed in ... Cloned or native,Tagged,Full length or truncated,Describe truncation,All properties
2001 Holly H Hogrefe, J Cline, A E Lovejoy, K B Nielson DNA polymerases from hyperthermophiles. RT,Specific Activity,Processivity,Strand Displacement,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,KM,kcat,All properties
1998 M A Milla, P A Spears, R E Pearson, G T Walker Use of the restriction enzyme AvaI an... Application name,All properties
1998 James R Kiefer, C Mao, J C Braman, Lorena S Beese Visualizing DNA replication in a cata... Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Specific Activity,Processivity,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,KM,kcat,Describe truncation,Amino Acids Contacting Template,Polymerase Catalytic Residue Amino Acids,All properties
1997 James R Kiefer, C Mao, Connie J Hansen, S L Basehore, Holly H Hogrefe, J C Braman, Lorena S Beese Crystal structure of a thermostable B... KM,kcat,Describe truncation,All properties
1996 J M Aliotta, J J Pelletier, J L Ware, L S Moran, J S Benner, H Kong Thermostable Bst DNA polymerase I lac... Cloned or native,Tagged,Tag Name,Full length or truncated,Specific Activity,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,Describe truncation,Molecular Weight,All properties
Name 3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
Bst LF (D329A)
Bst LF (D329AD598A)
Bst LF D329AY714S
Bst LF (D598A)
Bst LF D598AF710Y
Bst LF V713P

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