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Sce Pol alpha is a family B enzyme from S. cerevisiea.

Selected Properties for Sce Pol alpha:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
no consensus no consensus no data 3.4e-03 errors/bp (1) no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2010 Erik Johansson, Stuart A Macneill Johansson E2010
2009 Sebastian Klinge, Rafael Núñez-Ramírez, Oscar Llorca, Luca Pellegrini Klinge S2009
2008 Anne M Casper, Piotr A Mieczkowski, Malgorzata Gawel, Thomas D Petes Casper AM2008
2004 Atsuko Niimi, Siripan Limsirichaikul, Shonen Yoshida, Shigenori Iwai, Chikahide Masutani, Fumio Hanaoka, Eric T Kool, Yoshitaka Nishiyama, Motoshi Suzuki Niimi A2004
2004 Robin M Ricke, Anja-Katrin Bielinsky Ricke RM2004
2003 Siripan Limsirichaikul, Masanori Ogawa, Atsuko Niimi, Shigenori Iwai, Takashi Murate, Shonen Yoshida, Motoshi Suzuki Limsirichaikul S2003
2003 Subhasis B Biswas, Sujata M Khopde, Fan xiu Zhu Fx, Esther E Biswas Biswas SB2003
2003 Masanori Ogawa, Siripan Limsirichaikul, Atsuko Niimi, Shigenori Iwai, Shonen Yoshida, Motoshi Suzuki Ogawa M2003 Cloned or native,Tagged,Full length or truncated,Specific Activity,Processivity,Nucleotide Substitution Rate,All properties
1997 F X Zhu, Esther E Biswas, Subhasis B Biswas Zhu FX1997 5-3' exo,RNase H,All properties
1997 J Wittmeyer, T Formosa Wittmeyer J1997
1994 S H Leem, P A Ropp, Akio Sugino Leem SH1994
1993 Zhengqiang Wang, Xiaoming Wu, Errol C Friedberg Wang Z1993
1991 Thomas A Kunkel, J D Roberts, Akio Sugino Kunkel TA1991
1991 R G Brooke, R Singhal, David C Hinkle, L B Dumas Brooke RG1991 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Processivity,3-5' exo,KM,Molecular Weight,All properties
1990 Robert K Hamatake, H Hasegawa, Alan B Clark, Katarzyna Bebenek, Thomas A Kunkel, Akio Sugino Hamatake RK1990 Specific Activity,Processivity,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,KM,Molecular Weight,All properties
1977 L M Chang Chang LM1977
1974 U Wintersberger Wintersberger U1974
1970 U Wintersberger, E Wintersberger Wintersberger U1970
1967 H Eckstein, V Paduch, H Hilz Eckstein H1967
Protein sequence:
DNA sequence:
Name 3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
Sce Pol alpha Y951P 3.4e-03 errors/bp (1)
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