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Sce Pol delta is a family B enzyme from S. cerevisiea.

Selected Properties for Sce Pol delta:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
Yes (2) no data 1.3e-05 errors/bp (1) 1.3e-05 errors/bp (1) no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2013 Matthew R Northam, Elizabeth A Moore, Tony M Mertz, Sara K Binz, Carrie M W Stith, Elena I Stepchenkova, Kathern L Wendt, Peter M J Burgers, Polina V Shcherbakova Northam MR2013
2013 Lynne M Dieckman, M Todd Washington Dieckman LM2013
2013 Anders R Clausen, Michael S Murray, Andrew R Passer, Lars C Pedersen, Thomas A Kunkel Clausen AR2013
2013 Scott A Lujan, Jessica S Williams, Anders R Clausen, Alan B Clark, Thomas A Kunkel Lujan SA2013
2011 Linda J Reha-Krantz, Md Shahjahan P Siddique, Kelly M Murphy, Andrea Tam, Michelle O'Carroll, Sam Lou, Amy Schultz, Charles Boone Reha-Krantz LJ2011
2011 Narottam Acharya, Roland Klassen, Robert E Johnson, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash Acharya N2011
2011 Amy L Abdulovic, Suzanne E Hile, Thomas A Kunkel, Kristin A Eckert Abdulovic AL2011
2010 Erik Johansson, Stuart A Macneill Johansson E2010
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2009 Michael K Swan, Robert E Johnson, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash, Aneel K Aggarwal Swan MK2009
2008 Nasim Sabouri, Jörgen Viberg, Dinesh Kumar Goyal, Erik Johansson, Andrei Chabes Sabouri N2008
2008 Erica Mito, Janet V Mokhnatkin, Molly C Steele, Victoria L Buettner, Steve S Sommer, Glenn M Manthey, Adam M Bailis Mito E2008
2008 Scott D McCulloch, Thomas A Kunkel McCulloch SD2008 Frameshift Error Rate,Nucleotide Substitution Rate,All properties
2007 Stephanie A Nick McElhinny, Carrie M W Stith, Peter M J Burgers, Thomas A Kunkel Nick McElhinny SA2007
2007 Olga Chilkova, Peter Stenlund, Isabelle Isoz, Carrie M W Stith, Pawel Grabowski, Else-Britt Lundström, Peter M J Burgers, Erik Johansson Chilkova O2007
2006 Niloofar Davoodi Vijeh Motlagh, Masayuki Seki, Dana Branzei, Takemi Enomoto Vijeh Motlagh ND2006
2005 Yong Hwan Jin, Parie Garg, Carrie M W Stith, Hanan Al-Refai, Joan F Sterling, Laura J W Murray, Thomas A Kunkel, Michael A Resnick, Peter M J Burgers, Dmitry A Gordenin Jin YH2005 3-5' exo,5-3' exo,All properties
2005 John M Fortune, Youri I Pavlov, Carrie M Welch, Erik Johansson, Peter M J Burgers, Thomas A Kunkel Fortune JM2005
2004 Erik Johansson, Parie Garg, Peter M J Burgers Johansson E2004
2003 Stanislav G Kozmin, Youri I Pavlov, Thomas A Kunkel, Evelyne Sage Kozmin SG2003
2003 Keiji Hashimoto, Kikuo Shimizu, Naomi Nakashima, Akio Sugino Hashimoto K2003
2002 Meng-Er Huang, Anne-Gaëlle Rio, Marie-Dominique Galibert, Francis Galibert Huang ME2002
2001 Erik Johansson, Jerzy Majka, Peter M J Burgers Johansson E2001
1998 K J Gerik, Xincang Li, A Pautz, Peter M J Burgers Gerik KJ1998
1998 Peter M J Burgers, K J Gerik Burgers PM1998 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Processivity,Molecular Weight,Vmax,All properties
1995 L Giot, M Simon, C Dubois, G Faye Giot L1995
1994 S H Leem, P A Ropp, Akio Sugino Leem SH1994
1994 T S Krishna, Xiang-Peng Kong, S Gary, Peter M J Burgers, John Kuriyan Krishna TS1994
1994 A Blank, Baek Kim, Lawrence A Loeb Blank A1994
1993 W C Brown, J A Duncan, Judith L Campbell Brown WC1993
1993 Zhengqiang Wang, Xiaoming Wu, Errol C Friedberg Wang Z1993
1991 M Simon, L Giot, G Faye Simon M1991 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,3-5' exo,All properties
1986 A F Wahl, J J Crute, R D Sabatino, J B Bodner, R L Marraccino, L W Harwell, E M Lord, Robert A Bambara Wahl AF1986
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