A new synthetic RNA-dependent DNA polymerase from human tissue culture cells (HeLa-fibroblast-synthetic oligonucleotides-template-purified enzymes).


Two DNA polymerases that can copy synthetic RNA polymers are present ...
Two DNA polymerases that can copy synthetic RNA polymers are present in human tissue culture cells. These enzymes which have each been purified about 500-fold, are present in both HeLa cells, which are derived from a cervical carcinoma, and in WI-38 cells, a normal diploid strain originating from human embryonic lung tissue. These synthetic RNA-dependent DNA polymerases are identified by their ability to copy efficiently the ribo strand of synthetic oligonucleotide-homopolymer complexes, and differ in this respect from the known DNA-dependent DNA polymerases found in HeLa cells. The template requirements of these new DNA polymerases resemble that of the RNA-dependent DNA polymerases of the RNA tumor-viruses.



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