Interaction of DNA polymerase I (Klenow fragment) with the single-stranded template beyond the site of synthesis.


Cocrystal structures of DNA polymerases from the Pol I (or A) family ...
Cocrystal structures of DNA polymerases from the Pol I (or A) family have provided only limited information about the location of the single-stranded template beyond the site of nucleotide incorporation, revealing contacts with the templating position and its immediate 5' neighbor. No structural information exists for template residues more remote from the polymerase active site. Using a competition binding assay, we have established that Klenow fragment contacts at least the first four unpaired template nucleotides, though the quantitative contribution of any single contact is relatively small. Photochemical cross-linking indicated that the first unpaired template base beyond the primer terminus is close to Y766, as expected, and the two following template bases are close to F771 on the surface of the fingers subdomain. We have constructed point mutations in the region of the fingers subdomain implicated by these experiments. Cocrystal structures of family A DNA polymerases predict contacts between the template strand and S769, F771, and R841, and our DNA binding assays provide evidence for the functional importance of these contacts. Overall, the data are most consistent with the template strand following a path over the fingers subdomain, close to the side chain of R836 and a neighboring cluster of positively charged residues.




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