Polymerization of 2'-fluoro- and 2'-O-methyl-dNTPs by human DNA polymerase alpha, polymerase gamma, and primase.


Studies were undertaken to assess the ability of human polymerase ...
Studies were undertaken to assess the ability of human polymerase alpha (pol alpha) and polymerase gamma (pol gamma) to incorporate 2'-fluoro- and 2'-O-methyldeoxynucleotides into DNA. In vitro DNA synthesis systems were used to detect incorporation and determine K(m) and V(max) for 2'-FdATP, 2'-FdUTP, 2'-FdCTP, 2'-FdGTP, 2'-O-MedATP, 2'-O-MedCTP, 2'-O-MedGTP, 2'-O-MedUTP, dUTP, UTP, and FIAUTP, in addition to normal deoxynucleotides. Pol alpha incorporated all 2'-FdNTPs except 2'-FdATP, but not 2'-O-MedNTPs. Pol gamma incorporated all 2'-FdNTPs, but not 2'-O-MedNTPs. In general, 2'-fluorine substitution decreased V(max)/K(m) 2'-FdUTP. Because kinetics of insertion of pol alpha can be affected by the nature of the primer, we examined the ability of pol alpha to polymerize 2'-fluoro- and 2'-O-MedATP and dGTP when elongating a primer synthesized by DNA primase. Under these conditions, both 2'-FdATP and 2'-FdGTP were polymerized, but 2'-O-MedATP and 2'-O-MedGTP were not. Primase alone could not readily polymerize these analogs into RNA primers. Previous studies showed that 2'-deoxy-2'-fluorocytosine (2'-FdC) is incorporated by several non-human DNA polymerases. The current studies showed that human polymerases can polymerize numerous 2'-FdNTPs but cannot polymerize 2'-O-MedNTPs.




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