7-Alkyl-N(2)-substituted-3-deazaguanines. Synthesis, DNA polymerase III inhibition and antibacterial activity.


Several 2-anilino- and 2-benzylamino-3-deaza-6-oxopurines ...
Several 2-anilino- and 2-benzylamino-3-deaza-6-oxopurines [3-deazaguanines] and selected 8-methyl and 8-aza analogs have been synthesized. 7-Substituted N(2)-(3-ethyl-4-methylphenyl)-3-deazaguanines were potent and selective inhibitors of Gram+ bacterial DNA polymerase (pol) IIIC, and 7-substituted N(2)-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)-3-deazaguanines were potent inhibitors of both pol IIIC and pol IIIE from Gram+ bacteria, but weakly inhibited pol IIIE from Gram- bacteria. Potent enzyme inhibitors in both classes inhibited the growth of Gram+ bacteria (MICs 2.5-10μg/ml), and were inactive against the Gram- organism Escherichia coli. Several derivatives had moderate protective activity in Staphylococcus aureus-infected mice.





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