Current biology : CB

(Curr Biol) ISSNs: , 1879-0445

References in Current biology : CB:

Title Authors Year
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Accessory proteins function as matchmakers in the assembly of the T4 DNA polymerase holoenzyme. Kaboord BF, Benkovic SJ 1995
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ATR homolog Mec1 controls association of DNA polymerase zeta-Rev1 complex with regions near a double-strand break. Hirano Y, Sugimoto K 2006
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Processing of O6-methylguanine by mismatch correction in human cell extracts. Ceccotti S, Aquilina G, Macpherson P, Yamada M, Karran P, Bignami M 1996
Dpb2 integrates the leading-strand DNA polymerase into the eukaryotic replisome. Sengupta S, van Deursen F, De Piccoli G, Labib K 2013

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