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Sce Pol epsilon is a family B enzyme from S. cerevisiea.

Selected Properties for Sce Pol epsilon:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
no data no data no data no data no data
Year Authors Title Results by property
2014 M Hogg, Pia Osterman, Göran O Bylund, Rais A Ganai, Else-Britt Lundström, AE Sauer-Eriksson, Erik Johansson Hogg M2014
2013 Lindsey N Williams, Alan J Herr, Bradley D Preston Williams LN2013
2013 Scott A Lujan, Jessica S Williams, Anders R Clausen, Alan B Clark, Thomas A Kunkel Lujan SA2013
2013 Rinku Jain, Eva S Vanamee, Boris G Dzikovski, Angeliki Buku, Robert E Johnson, Louise Prakash, Satya Prakash, Aneel K Aggarwal Jain R2013
2013 Sugopa Sengupta, Frederick van Deursen, Giacomo De Piccoli, Karim Labib Sengupta S2013
2013 Anders R Clausen, Michael S Murray, Andrew R Passer, Lars C Pedersen, Thomas A Kunkel Clausen AR2013
2012 Joanna Kraszewska, Marta Garbacz, Piotr Jonczyk, Iwona J Fijalkowska, Malgorzata Jaszczur Kraszewska J2012
2012 Isabelle Isoz, Ulf Persson, Kirill Volkov, Erik Johansson Isoz I2012
2012 Jessica S Williams, Anders R Clausen, Stephanie A Nick McElhinny, Brian E Watts, Erik Johansson, Thomas A Kunkel Williams JS2012
2010 Erik Johansson, Stuart A Macneill Johansson E2010
2010 Anna Y Aksenova, Kirill Volkov, Jaroslaw Maceluch, Zachary F Pursell, Igor B Rogozin, Thomas A Kunkel, Youri I Pavlov, Erik Johansson Aksenova AY2010
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2009 Malgorzata Jaszczur, Justyna Rudzka, Joanna Kraszewska, Krzysztof Flis, Piotr Polaczek, Judith L Campbell, I Fijalkowska, Piotr Jonczyk Jaszczur M2009
2008 Malgorzata Jaszczur, Krzysztof Flis, Justyna Rudzka, Joanna Kraszewska, Martin E Budd, Piotr Polaczek, Judith L Campbell, Piotr Jonczyk, I Fijalkowska Jaszczur M2008
2008 Nasim Sabouri, Jörgen Viberg, Dinesh Kumar Goyal, Erik Johansson, Andrei Chabes Sabouri N2008
2008 Shun-Fu Tseng, Abram Gabriel, Shu-Chun Teng Tseng SF2008
2007 Zachary F Pursell, Isabelle Isoz, Else-Britt Lundström, Erik Johansson, Thomas A Kunkel Pursell ZF2007
2006 Toshiaki Tsubota, Rie Tajima, Kunitomo Ode, Hajime Kubota, Naoshi Fukuhara, Takeshi Kawabata, Satoko Maki, Hisaji Maki Tsubota T2006
2006 Francisco J Asturias, Iris K Cheung, Nasim Sabouri, Olga Chilkova, Daniel Wepplo, Erik Johansson Asturias FJ2006
2003 Shaune Edwards, Caroline M Li, Daniel L Levy, Jessica A Brown, Peter M Snow, Judith L Campbell Edwards S2003
2003 Polina V Shcherbakova, Youri I Pavlov, Olga Chilkova, Igor B Rogozin, Erik Johansson, Thomas A Kunkel Shcherbakova PV2003
2003 Toshiaki Tsubota, Satoko Maki, Hajime Kubota, Akio Sugino, Hisaji Maki Tsubota T2003
2003 Olga Chilkova, Bengt-Harald Jonsson, Erik Johansson Chilkova O2003
2002 Rajiv Dua, Daniel L Levy, Caroline M Li, Peter M Snow, Judith L Campbell Dua R2002
2000 Rajiv Dua, Shaune Edwards, Daniel L Levy, Judith L Campbell Dua R2000
2000 Tomoko Ohya, Satoko Maki, Yasuo Kawasaki, Akio Sugino Ohya T2000
1998 Rajiv Dua, Daniel L Levy, Judith L Campbell Dua R1998
1993 A Morrison, Akio Sugino Morrison A1993
1993 Zhengqiang Wang, Xiaoming Wu, Errol C Friedberg Wang Z1993
1989 Martin E Budd, K C Sitney, Judith L Campbell Budd ME1989
1986 A F Wahl, J J Crute, R D Sabatino, J B Bodner, R L Marraccino, L W Harwell, E M Lord, Robert A Bambara Wahl AF1986
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