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Pfu is a family B enzyme from Pyrococcus furiosus.

Selected Properties for Pfu:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
Yes (4) No (1) no data 1.6e-06 errors/bp (1) 1.3e-06-3.5e-06 errors/bp (6)
Year Authors Title Results by property
2014 Fuming Sang, Yang Yang, Ying Lin, Zhizhou Zhang Sang F2014
2013 Brian J Keith, Stanislaw K Jozwiakowski, Bernard A Connolly Keith BJ2013 Overall Error Rate,All properties
2011 Connie J Hansen, Lydia Wu, Jeffrey D Fox, Bahram Arezi, Holly H Hogrefe Hansen CJ2011
2011 L-P Sun, S Wang, Z-W Zhang, Y-Y Ma, Y-Q Lai, J Weng, Q-Q Zhang Sun LP2011
2011 Xi-Peng Liu, Jian-Hua Liu Liu XP2011
2010 Morten H H Nørholm Nørholm MH2010
2009 Suk-Tae Kwon, Hyekyung Shim, Jin Choia Jeong, Jae Kima Yun, Jae-Geun Songa, Eui-Joon Kila, Il Lee Jong Kwon Suk-Tae2009 Vmax,Overall Error Rate,All properties
2009 Henry J Russell, Tomas T Richardson, Kieran Emptage, Bernard A Connolly Russell HJ2009 3-5' exo,5-3' exo,All properties
2008 Suhng Wook Kim, Dong-Uk Kim, Jin Kwang Kim, Lin-Woo Kang, Hyun-Soo Cho Kim SW2008
2008 Linda J Reha-Krantz Reha-Krantz LJ2008
2007 Hirokazu Nishida, Maiko Tanabe, Yoshizumi Ishino, Takuji Oyama, Kosuke Morikawa Nishida H2007
2007 Sukhvinder Gill, Rory O'Neill, Richard J Lewis, Bernard A Connolly Gill S2007 Template lesions,All properties
2007 Nicolas Z Rudinger, Ramon Kranaster, Andreas Marx Rudinger NZ2007
2006 Sotirios Melissis, Nikolaos E Labrou, Yannis D Clonis Melissis S2006
2006 Hirokazu Nishida, Shigeki Matsumiya, Daisuke Tsuchiya, Yoshizumi Ishino, Kosuke Morikawa Nishida H2006
2005 Jon P Anderson, Bernhard Angerer, Lawrence A Loeb Anderson JP2005 Cloned or native,Tagged,Full length or truncated,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,Application name,All properties
2005 Yair Adereth, Kristen J Champion, Tien Hsu, Vincent Dammai Adereth Y2005
2005 Unknown2005
2005 Shaohui Yang, Xincang Li, Dongfeng Ding, Jianhua Hou, Zhaoxia Jin, Xinchun Yu, Tao Bo, Weidong Li, Minggang Li Yang S2005
2004 G Shuttleworth, M J Fogg, MR Kurpiewski, L Jen-Jacobson, Bernard A Connolly Shuttleworth G2004
2004 Benjamin D Biles, Bernard A Connolly Biles BD2004
2002 Andrew F Gardner, William E Jack Gardner AF2002
2002 Tadayuki Imanaka, Haruyuki Atomi Imanaka T2002 Vmax,All properties
2001 Holly H Hogrefe, J Cline, A E Lovejoy, K B Nielson Hogrefe HH2001 Specific Activity,Processivity,Strand Displacement,3-5' exo,5-3' exo,KM,kcat,3-5' Exo Specific Activity,Overall Error Rate,All properties
2001 Enrique Viguera, D Canceill, S Dusko Ehrlich Viguera E2001 Full length or truncated,Overall Error Rate,All properties
2000 X C Li-Sucholeiki, William G Thilly Li-Sucholeiki XC2000
2000 S J Evans, M J Fogg, A Mamone, M Davis, L H Pearl, Bernard A Connolly Evans SJ2000
2000 Kayoko Komori, Yoshizumi Ishino Komori K2000
2000 L Shao, H Shinzawa, X Zhang, D B Smith, H Watanabe, H Mitsuhashi, K Saito, T Saito, H Togashi, Tomosaburo Takahashi Shao L2000
1998 S Goldman, R Kim, L W Hung, J Jancarik, S H Kim Goldman S1998
1997 L A Haff, I P Smirnov Haff LA1997
1997 Chengping Lu, H P Erickson Lu C1997
1997 P André, A Kim, Konstantin Khrapko, William G Thilly André P1997
1996 J Cline, J C Braman, Holly H Hogrefe Cline J1996 Overall Error Rate,All properties
1995 H I Yamanaka, Y Kirii, H Ohmoto Yamanaka HI1995
1994 V Picard, E Ersdal-Badju, A Lu, S C Bock Picard V1994
1994 Wayne M Barnes Barnes WM1994
1992 P Forterre Forterre P1992
1991 K S Lundberg, D D Shoemaker, M W Adams, J M Short, J A Sorge, E J Mathur Lundberg KS1991 Cloned or native,Tagged,Full length or truncated,Specific Activity,3-5' exo,Nucleotide Substitution Rate,3-5' Exo Specific Activity,All properties
1991 E J Mathur, M W Adams, W N Callen, J M Cline Mathur EJ1991
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