Portraits of a Y-family DNA polymerase.

Yang WW
FEBS letters (2005), Volume 579, Page 868
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Members of the Y-family of DNA polymerases catalyze template-dependent ...
Members of the Y-family of DNA polymerases catalyze template-dependent DNA synthesis but share no sequence homology with other known DNA polymerases. Y-family polymerases exhibit high error rates and low processivity when copying normal DNA but are able to synthesize DNA opposite damaged templates. In the past three years, much has been learned about this family of polymerases including determination of more than a dozen crystal structures with various substrates. In this short review, I will summarize the biochemical properties and structural features of Y-family DNA polymerases.



Structure and Structure/Function


This review focuses on Dpo4, crystal structures of which include complexes with normal DNA, abasic lesions, a thymine dimer, and a benzo[a]pyrene adduct. The Dpo4 structures is also compared with the Dbh, Polη, ι and κ structures.


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