A novel interaction of tRNA(Lys,3) with the feline immunodeficiency virus RNA genome governs initiation of minus strand DNA synthesis.


Complementarity between nucleotides at the 5' terminus of tRNA(Lys,3) ...
Complementarity between nucleotides at the 5' terminus of tRNA(Lys,3) and the U5-IR loop of the feline immunodeficiency virus RNA genome suggests a novel intermolecular interaction controls initiation of minus strand synthesis in a manner analogous to other retroviral systems. Base pairing of this tRNA-viral RNA duplex was confirmed by nuclease mapping of the RNA genome containing full-length or 5'-deleted variants of tRNA(Lys,3) hybridized to the primer-binding site. A major pause in RNA-dependent DNA synthesis occurred 14 nucleotides ahead of the primer-binding site with natural and synthetic tRNA(Lys,3) primers, indicating it was not a consequence of tRNA base modifications. The majority of the paused complexes resulted in dissociation of the reverse transcriptase from the template/primer, as demonstrated by an assay limited to a single binding event. Hybridization of a tRNA mutant whose 5' nucleotides are deleted relieved pausing at this position and subsequently allowed high level DNA synthesis. Additional experiments with tRNA-DNA chimeric primers were used to localize the stage of minus strand synthesis at which the tRNA-viral RNA interaction was disrupted. Finally, replacing nucleotides of the feline immunodeficiency virus U5-IR loop with the (A)(4) sequence of its human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 counterpart also relieved pausing, but did not induce pausing immediately downstream of the primer-binding site previously noted during initiation of HIV-1 DNA synthesis. These combined observations provide further evidence of cis-acting sequences immediately adjacent to the primer-binding site controlling initiation of minus strand DNA synthesis in retroviruses and retrotransposons.




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