Design of non-nucleoside inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with improved drug resistance properties. 2.


HIV-1 nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) are part of the combination therapy currently used to treat HIV infection. The features of a new NNRTI drug for HIV treatment must include selective potent activity against both wild-type virus as well as against mutant virus that have been selected by use of current antiretroviral treatment regimens. Based on analogy with known HIV-1 NNRTI inhibitors and modeling studies utilizing the X-ray crystal structure of inhibitors bound in the HIV-1 RT, a series of substituted 2-quinolones was synthesized and evaluated as HIV-1 inhibitors.



Structure and Structure/Function, Reverse Transcriptase, Health/Disease


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Polymerase Reference Property Result Context
HIV RT Freeman GA2004 Reverse Transcriptase Activity Yes
HIV RT Freeman GA2004 Associated condition HIV

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