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From E. coli
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Eco Pol IV is a family Y enzyme from E. coli.

Selected Properties for Eco Pol IV:

3'-5' exo activity 5'-3' exo activity Frameshift Rate Substitution Rate General Error Rate
No (2) no data 2.1e-04 errors/bp (1) 5.1e-05 errors/bp (1) 3.0e-02-3.6e-02 errors/bp (2)
Year Authors Title Results by property
Damian Gawel, Patrick C Seed Gawel D
2013 Chiara Indiani, Meghna Patel, Myron F Goodman, Mike E O'Donnell Indiani C2013
2013 Amit Sharma, J Kottur, N Narayanan, Deepak T Nair Sharma A2013
2013 Richard T Pomerantz, Isabel Kurth, Myron F Goodman, Mike E O'Donnell Pomerantz RT2013
2013 Christopher H Corzett, Myron F Goodman, Steven E Finkel Corzett CH2013
2013 Richard T Pomerantz, Myron F Goodman, Michael E O'Donnell Pomerantz RT2013
2012 Justin M H Heltzel, Robert W Maul, David W Wolff, Mark D Sutton Heltzel JM2012
2012 Asako Furukohri, Yoshito Nishikawa, Masahiro Tatsumi Akiyama, Hisaji Maki Furukohri A2012
2011 Kinrin Yamanaka, Irina G Minko, Steven E Finkel, Myron F Goodman, R Stephen Lloyd Yamanaka K2011
2010 Mark D Sutton Sutton MD2010
2009 Karolina Makiela-Dzbenska, Malgorzata Jaszczur, Magdalena Banach-Orlowska, Piotr Jonczyk, Roel M Schaaper, I Fijalkowska Makiela-Dzbenska K2009
2009 Rodrigo S Galhardo, Robert Do, Masami Yamada, Errol C Friedberg, P J Hastings, Takehiko Nohmi, Susan M Rosenberg Galhardo RS2009
2009 Jérôme E Wagner, Hélène Etienne, Robert P P Fuchs, Agnes M Cordonnier, Dominique Y Burnouf Wagner JE2009
2009 Justin M H Heltzel, Robert W Maul, Sarah K Scouten Ponticelli, Mark D Sutton Heltzel JM2009
2008 Anuradha Kumari, Irina G Minko, Michael B Harbut, Steven E Finkel, Myron F Goodman, R Stephen Lloyd Kumari A2008
2008 Asako Furukohri, Myron F Goodman, Hisaji Maki Furukohri A2008
2007 Kimberly D Jacob, Kristin A Eckert Jacob KD2007
2007 Adam P Silverman, Qingfei Jiang, Myron F Goodman, Eric T Kool Silverman AP2007
2006 Chiu Hong Lee, Sushil Chandani, Edward L Loechler Lee CH2006
2006 Masami Yamada, Tatsuo Nunoshiba, Masatomi Shimizu, Petr Gruz, Hiroyuki Kamiya, Hideyoshi Harashima, Takehiko Nohmi Yamada M2006
2006 Keiko Matsui, Masami Yamada, Masaru Imai, Kazuo Yamamoto, Takehiko Nohmi Matsui K2006
2005 Kazuya Satou, Masami Yamada, Takehiko Nohmi, Hideyoshi Harashima, Hiroyuki Kamiya Satou K2005
2005 Xuan Shen, Roger Woodgate, Myron F Goodman Shen X2005
2005 Jill C Layton, Patricia L Foster Layton JC2005
2004 Brian S Plosky, Roger Woodgate Plosky BS2004
2004 Wojciech Kuban, Piotr Jonczyk, Damian Gawel, Karolina Malanowska, Roel M Schaaper, I Fijalkowska Kuban W2004
2004 Dominique Y Burnouf, Vincent Olieric, Jérôme E Wagner, Shingo Fujii, J Reinbolt, Robert P P Fuchs, Philippe Dumas Burnouf DY2004
2003 Joshua D Tompkins, Jennifer L Nelson, Jill C Hazel, Stacy L Leugers, Jeffrey D Stumpf, Patricia L Foster Tompkins JD2003
2003 Karen A Bunting, S Mark Roe, Laurence H Pearl Bunting KA2003
2003 Ayelet Maor-Shoshani, Kiyoshi Hayashi, Haruo Ohmori, Zvi Livneh Maor-Shoshani A2003
2002 Sawami Kobayashi, Michael R Valentine, Phuong Pham, Mike E O'Donnell, Myron F Goodman Kobayashi S2002 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Processivity,Gap fill,Frameshift Error Rate,Nucleotide Substitution Rate,Overall Error Rate,All properties
2002 Naomi Suzuki, Eiji Ohashi, Alexander Kolbanovskiy, Nicholas E Geacintov, Arthur P Grollman, Haruo Ohmori, Shinya Shibutani Suzuki N2002
2001 Su-Ryang Kim, Keiko Matsui, Masami Yamada, Petr Gruz, Takehiko Nohmi Kim SR2001
2001 Naomi Suzuki, Eiji Ohashi, Kiyoshi Hayashi, Haruo Ohmori, Arthur P Grollman, Shinya Shibutani Suzuki N2001
2000 Jérôme E Wagner, Shingo Fujii, Petr Grúz, Takehiko Nohmi, Robert P P Fuchs Wagner JE2000 Cloned or native,Full length or truncated,Processivity,3-5' exo,Molecular Weight,Vmax,All properties
2000 Yongqing Zhang, Fenghua Yuan, Hongkui Xin, Xiaoming Wu, D K Rajpal, D Yang, Zhengqiang Wang Zhang Y2000
2000 Jérôme E Wagner, Takehiko Nohmi Wagner JE2000
1999 Jérôme E Wagner, Petr Grúz, Su-Ryang Kim, Masami Yamada, Keiko Matsui, Robert P P Fuchs, Takehiko Nohmi Wagner JE1999 Cloned or native,Tagged,Tag Name,Full length or truncated,Processivity,3-5' exo,Molecular Weight,All properties
1999 M Tang, Xuan Shen, Ekaterina G Frank, Mike E O'Donnell, Roger Woodgate, Myron F Goodman Tang M1999
1999 Valerie L Gerlach, L Aravind, G Gotway, R A Schultz, Eugene V Koonin, Errol C Friedberg Gerlach VL1999
1988 Hisaji Maki, Satoko Maki, Arthur Kornberg Maki H1988
1964 Charles C Richardson, C L SCHILDKRAUT, H V APOSHIAN, Arthur Kornberg Richardson CC1964
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