DNA Polymerase Families

Family A
Eco Pol I Klenow fragment T7 Taq pol I Eco Pol I* Human Pol gamma Bst Tth Pol I Sce pol gamma 1140 more...

Family B
T4 Human Pol alpha Phi29 Human Pol delta RB69 Eco Pol II Human Pol epsilon HHV5 Pfu Sce Pol delta Human Pol zeta Sce Pol epsilon Vent Vaccinia Virus Pol EBV Pol Sce Pol alpha HHV1 Sce Pol II Xla Pol delta Sce Pol I 1636 more...

Family C
Eco Pol III Eco Pol III Holoenzyme Sce Pol III Eco Pol III* 14 more...

Family D

Family E

Family Non Pol

Family Poly-A Polymerase

Family RT
HIV RT HBV Pol I MMuLV RT hTERT AMV 471 more...

Family X
Human Pol beta Human Pol lamba Human Pol mu Rat Pol beta 27 more...

Family Y
Human Pol eta Dpo4 Human Pol iota Human Pol kappa Eco Pol IV Eco Pol V Sce Pol eta 31 more...

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